Teamwork done right.

CoStudy is the next generation of peer evaluations that provide customizable, research-based insights for professors in higher education.

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How it works

Save Time Conducting Peer Reviews

Set up your course in 30 min. or less

Send a join link to your students

We handle the distribution of assessments and reports

Reduce need for conflict intervention

Insights for Professors and Students

Ability to see group wide reports detailing professional skill development

Students get dynamic report cards, with the ability to see areas of improvement

More touchpoints across the semester

More representative and effective grading

Current Challenges

Deeper insights, quicker feedback, modern interface

How do students learn professional team work skills within major-specific courses?

How can professors track how a group is working together throughout a semester, instead of just at the end?

How can professors make accurate assessments of individuals in group projects at the end of a semester?

CoStudy Solutions

Customize CoStudy to Fit Your Class

Easy to Understand

Edit the number of questions in each assessment, the start and end date, and if you want a hard deadline.

Expert Questions

Our questions are designed by us and reviewed by team psychology and question design experts.

Get the Latest on Your Learners

See Who Needs Your Help

See which groups/students need your help. Our assessments asks students if they need support from professors and what they need help with.

Close the Feedback Loop


Adjustable formative assessments designed to learn about student and team behavior.

Mid-Point and Final Reviews

During the mid-point and final weeks we look for free response reflection from students in regards to their goals and how they view their peers’ contributions.

Make grading equitable

Protect Against Bias

Our questions are focused on reducing cultural bias and can be answerable by members of every community.

Professor Testimonials

“Transitioning to an exclusively online format has been extremely challenging for our undergraduates. CoStudy has provided us a fantastic platform to think about how we guide our students through online learning as well as well as how we can use technology to mediate our teaching efforts. I look forward to watching CoStudy continue to grow and refine their product as much as I continue to use their information to be a better educator.”

Thermer photo

Sara Thermer, Adjunct Faculty

New York University Tandon School of Engineering

“Group projects are an essential tool for teaching content and developing student skills today, but many things can derail their success such as student engagement, cooperation, and general collaboration skills. CoStudy solves all these problems by helping students learn how to become more valuable team members through personal growth, feedback, and reflection.”

Cromwell photo

Johnathan Cromwell, Assistant Professor

University of San Francisco School of Management