Simplifying group work for students and professors.

CoStudy help students and professors with scheduling, communication, and feedback within groups in colleges and universities.

Feedback That Actually Works

Most group projects require outdated peer review forms which can be lengthy, misused, and don’t provide a lot of useful information for both the professor or the student. Our feedback system pulls data from multiple sources and includes smaller more efficient peer surveys that give better insights into how a group / student is doing over time.

AI will be able to identify problem areas for all stakeholders in an efficient manner. No need to cycle through hundreds of pages to try and grade groups.


Coming to meetings


On time to meetings


Time taken to respond


Frequency of communication




Try and be more on time so that we don’t have to catch you up on what we’re working on.


You were really good at getting your work done ahead of time which helped us during our meeting.


You have a lot of great ideas but just make sure you let others talk.

Student Personal Development

Students are required to spend hours filling out peer review forms just to never see them again. Now with CoStudy they are able to get a personalized report on their own strengths and weaknesses. This will allow students to improve their teamwork skills and be better prepared for the workforce.

We believe students will put more effort into peer review surveys if they also get valuable feedback from it.

Professor Insights into Group Dynamics

In order to make sure groups are performing equally while grading, professors need to sift through hundreds of peer review forms. This is inefficient because this usually happens during grading periods, when professors most valuable resource is their time.

CoStudy will be able to drive insights into how a group is working to identify any problem areas that may affect group grades, saving time for the professor and allowing them to make more informed decisions.

professor insight

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Additional Comments


CoStudy is a tech education start-up out of Boston University.

Our mission is to make sure teachers and students have the best tools to succeed in and out of the classroom. These scholars are going to be the ones running our world in the near future, they should have the best technology to help them succeed.

Our mobile and web-based application focuses on three major student frustrations: scheduling, communications, and accountability. We are creating an app that will allow students to better connect, manage their time, and provide feedback surrounding group work in and out of the classroom. Our modern app design provides students with the most efficient way to connect with their peers in an all-in-one platform, no need for 5 apps to manage 1 group. We are also working to create a platform for professors, allowing them to get insights into their students’ groups and identify any problem areas that they should address.


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