Teamwork done right.

CoStudy automates the administration of team projects/activities in the classroom, giving professors more time, knowledge, and resources to empower their learners with the skills needed to succeed post-graduation.

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How it works

Easy Onboarding

Create an instructor account

Add Groups

Distribute join code/link

Customize to Your Needs

Set dates that work best for your course

Focus on skills that matter most to you

Adjustable presets from experts

Example 7 Week Class

Example 14 Week Class


Deeper insights, quicker feedback, delicious interface

Where do we want students to be at the end of a course?

How will we know if they get there?

What are we doing to move students toward our vision?

CoStudy Solutions

Create learning objectives

Easy to understand

Clear wording and pop-up explanations makes setting up great learning objectives painless

Expert recommendations

We show you what the experts think is best, but final call always belongs to the instructor

Get the latest on your learners

See who needs your help

Click on flagged students to jump on issues like social loafing from day one

See the big picture

Graphs, charts, and suggested actions show teams’ progress, giving instructors timely information on how to ensure success

Close the feedback loop


Adjustable formative assessments designed to learn about student and team behavior


We leverage AI to curate personalized advice based on check-ins, giving students actionable strategies proven to help them hit goals faster

Make grading equitable

Protect against bias

Include students of all backgrounds with software designed using a growth mindset

Product & Process

Select criteria for grading with the click of a button to see what rubrics really incentivize

Stats, stats, stats

We do all the statistics so that professors can focus on the grading decisions that matter most

Professor Testimonials

“The CoStudy team is dedicated to serving their clients and their clients are eager to work with them through the Beta version of their product. Transitioning to an exclusively online format has been extremely challenging for our undergraduates. CoStudy has provided us a fantastic platform to think about how we guide our students through online learning as well as well as how we can use technology to mediate our teaching efforts. I look forward to watching CoStudy continue to grow and refine their product as much as I continue to use their information to be a better educator.”

Thermer photo

Sara Thermer, Adjunct Faculty

New York University Tandon School of Engineering

“Group projects are an essential tool for teaching content and developing student skills today, but many things can derail their success such as student engagement, cooperation, and general collaboration skills. CoStudy solves all these problems by helping students learn how to become more valuable team members through personal growth, feedback, and reflection.”

Cromwell photo

Johnathan Cromwell, Assistant Professor

University of San Francisco School of Management

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